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Jessica Sutton Maniatis

Jessica Sutton Maniatis is the founder and creative director of JSGD, a boutique graphic design agency focused on building brand identity through functional beauty and collaboration. Jessica launched her company in 2008 and since then has worked with more than 200 clients. Watch the video below to learn  why and how she started her own firm. The Tunic | Featuring Jessica Sutton Maniatis from Brass on Vimeo.

Beth Vollmer Marullo

Beth Vollmer Marullo spent 8 years on active duty in the U.S. Army. After touring in Iraq and Afghanistan, she now serves as a Major in the Army Reserves. Beth talked with us about her deployments and about the highly visible and impactful role women play in our armed forces. Beth is wearing the Band Dress.

Alice Saunders

Alice Saunders is the founder of Forestbound Bags based in Somerville, MA. Inspired by history and the idea of “where something has been”, Alice hand-makes beautiful bags from salvaged textiles discovered at flea markets, barn sales and antique stores. Each bag is beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed and made to honor the people and things that came before us. Alice is wearing the T-Shirt Dress.

Smita Jacob

Smita Jacob is Boston-based lifestyle photographer. She lives life doing what she loves: shooting food, fashion, and travel. Learn more about how she started taking photos and what travel experiences have inspired her most. You can find her work at

Jocelyn Pierce

Jocelyn Pierce of Mayflour Confections is a maven in the New England pastry business.  Dedicated to using only the best local and organic ingredients, she creates cakes and treats that are traditional, beautiful and, above all, delicious.  We had the opportunity to talk with Jocelyn about her work in the world of confections.        Can you tell us a little bit about your business?  And how you got your start in the world of wedding cakes and confections? Mayflour specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, and confections for weddings and events. We make our desserts using the highest quality local + organic ingredients we can find, because we believe in the simple idea that food should be fresh and taste great. It’s important to be thoughtful about what we put into our bodies, even when we indulge, so we are passionate about using local eggs, honey, produce, herbs, organic milk, butter, and flours. Our aesthetic is effortlessly elegant. We create all of our cakes and desserts to be as beautiful as they are delicious. This business …

Lindsay Wilkins

Lindsay Wilkins is the woman behind the lifestyle blog, HelloHue.  Working with bloggers has been an integral part of growing our business and spreading the word about Brass.  Meeting and working with so many lovely ladies got us thinking about what it means to blog in this ever-changing social-media driven world, so we asked Lindsay to tell us a little bit about what it means to be a blogger today.   Hi! I’m Lindsay Wilkins, and I write a life + style blog called HelloHue. My blog is where I share all kinds of things— from my daily style, to simple moments with my two littles, Silas and Delia, and thoughts on faith, motherhood, and being creative. I first started blogging when my husband, Chris, and I got married and moved away to Hawaii. I wanted a way to share and document our road trip out west, and subsequent adventures on our new island home. Soon enough, I found out how beautiful and encouraging the blogging community is, and started sharing more about my creative endeavors and life as a …

Emily Fowler

Emily Fowler is becoming a leader in the innovation space. But she’s not an inventor, per se. Rather she creates incentives that motivate other people to be innovative and solve problems. Emily began her work with incentive prizes in 2010 while working at the XPRIZE Foundation. Their mission is to find answers to  the world’s worst problems by motivating people to create solutions and win a prize. She quickly learned that prizes motivate people on the psychological level. Soon after, Emily was asked by the Chairman and Founder of XPRIZE to explore the idea of creating a democratized online platform where anyone could launch a challenge. (XPRIZE launches 1-2 challenges per year with $10M – $30M prizes.) HeroX was born out of this idea, and Emily serves as the co-founder and Vice President. HeroX creates smaller, shorter competitions. This allows anyone to launch a competition and create fundamental change in many problem areas. Below, we talk to Emily about her job, the field of social innovation, and what it means to dress “capable chic”. Q: …