Katie Doyle and Jay Hallstein are the co-founders of Brass, a new women’s clothing brand sold exclusively online. Katie and Jay recognized  a gap between expensive designer dresses and cheap fast-fashion. By working directly with the factory and selling exclusively online, they are able to provide high-quality garments at a fraction of typical retail prices.

Brass will launch its first line of dresses this summer. The first five dresses are go-to styles, designed with attention to quality fabric, perfect fit, and classic colorways. Sign-up for early access at our site: brassclothing.com.

If you are new to our blog, we recommend the following blogs:

  • You can learn about why we started the company here.
  • We wrote about our company values here.
  • This post discusses the results of our first customer survey. It also helped us to choose our first 5 dress styles.

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